We know you are out there…..

WeLikeCamping is all about the camping experience.  Camping is an activity that that takes us all back to a simpler time, and brings us in touch with the natural world.  The camping experience is as diverse as there are people that camp.  You can rough it, or you can go in style with techno gadgets that can do just about everything for you.

WeLikeCamping is a site about my camping experiences.  I’ve been camping in all sorts of places, from urban to wilderness and everywhere in-between for as long as I can remember.  I’ve camped in tents, trailers, campers, the front and back seat of cars, the back of trucks, off motorcycles, quads, backpacking, boats, sometimes with just a blanket and a few beers, but mostly with a bit more shelter and amenities.

Here, I chronicle some of my experiences while camping, share some things I’ve learned, pontificate a bit and generally just try and share what I know about camping.

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