What have we been up to?


WeLikeCamping began over 25 years ago as a diverse group of campers.  I met Ed’s first wife while working, then eventually met Ed, and that was my foot in the door to this group.  John and Laura were good friends of Ed and Mary, and Scott and Barb were good friends of John and Laura.  Steve and Alisa would join the group later.  Over the years, relationships changed as John moved on and later passed away, Laura got a new partner, and she and her new partner kind of drifted from the camping events.  Ed and Mary split up, Mary disappeared, and Ed invited his new partner, Anne, along on a trip.  Anne was a total newb at camping, and especially with our group, which can be a bit over-the-edge at times.  She acclimated just fine and is now a respected member of the group.  Our original purpose, however has never varied.  We like to camp.

Early on, we thought, “heck, we’ve got a business opportunity here!”, and had a few group meetings to see what we could do with it.  Well, as happens, our shared interests were more about camping than making money, so the business part just kind of dried up.  We never stopped camping though.  Over this quarter-century, we have camped many places in Arizona, and we always leave a campsite better than when we found it.  We either pick up litter, organize and consolidate firepits or do whatever simple things we can to make the outdoors just that much better for the next camper to come by one of our sites.

Often, in the early days, we would videotape our escapades.  This helped us to establish a history, and give us something to remember our escapades.  John, who was always the philosopher, had a favorite thing to say whenever a camera was on him.  “We Like Camping!” became the website name, and since I know a thing or two about this kinda technical stuff, I took the initiative to create the site to document our fun times.

Well, as with the others, my interest in updating the site waned, while my desire to build a site and maintain it did not.  However, I always dreamed that this site would eventually become something.  Occasionally, I would work on it, moving to a different ISP, adding space and bandwidth, sometimes updating with stories and pictures and finally, here we are.

I’ve decided to retire from the IT world.  This gives me the time I need to focus on building this site into something more that what it has been.  One of my hobbies has been finding sticks in the wilderness, often on “WLC sanctioned” trips, and just as often when camping by myself.  I do a lot of solo camping, to the tune of around 25 times a year, if not more.  Anyway, I find these sticks, which I creatively call “Found Sticks”, and I turn them into simple works of art for gifts to friends and family.  People say to me, “these sticks are beautiful, you should try selling them!”  So, guess what.  I’m embarking on a new endeavor, focusing on my sticks, creating “walking art”.  My sticks are artistically finished, sometimes with inlays, sometimes just as they are – it is kind of a process, but each stick is one of a kind, and I assure you, nobody on the trail will have a more beautiful piece of walking art.  I find the stick, then it sits in my shop for a few days to a few years, until I get inspired to finish it.  Some sticks are more functional as walking sticks than others, but all have been meticulously finished, and most come with a description of where I was when I found it, what I was doing when I found it and how it was transformed into walking art.

I will be updating this site with a better page and photographs of my art soon, so come back and check me out occasionally.  If you are interested in one of my sticks, or would like for me to make a stick to your specifications, please contact me at Steve@welikecamping.net

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